Jody Rookstool

Professional Overview

Founder of Built Brand, LLC & Creator of Built Bar

From Spanish Fork, Utah, Jody Rookstool is a visionary and accomplished executive who has proven time and again his expertise in negotiation, communication, and team leadership. He has consistently demonstrated his ability to implement strategies that help startups create sustainable revenue, rapid growth, and maximum profitability.

Presently in his career, Jody Rookstool is the Founder of Built Brands, LLC, a position he’s held since co-founding the business in 2018. As someone who is passionate about fitness as well as entrepreneurship, Jody and his business partner sought to create a new kind of protein bar that would offer the candy bar/dessert-like taste that consumers have been looking for. At the time of founding in 2018, the business was producing approximately 200 hand-made bars per day. In less than two years, as of February 2020, Built Bar was selling over five million bars per month with more than 400,000 customers. By operating on a Direct-to-Consumer platform, 99% of the company’s sales are completed through the website. 

Throughout his professional career, Jody Rookstool has established expertise in multiple areas, including Lient Needs Analysis, Customer Relationships, Capital Funding, Public and Media Relations, Corporate Strategy, Sales Planning, Business Plan Development, Emerging Technologies, and more. 

Alongside his career, Jody Rookstool is also a passionate equestrian who has competed in Cutting Horse competitions alongside his horse, Mia Smart Quejana. He also dedicates time daily to maintaining his physical fitness, lifting weights six days a week in the morning. In both his personal and professional life, one of Jody’s centering beliefs is Kaizen, a concept of constant and continual self-improvement. He uses this belief to inform his personal philosophy and passion for personal development; he enjoys helping and seeing others grow, develop, and become better people. For Jody and those around him, he preaches a mindset of always working to be a better person today than you were yesterday. 

It was this mentality that helped Jody Rookstool push past all of the negativity and challenges he was faced with to found Built Bar, where he can not only sell a product he believes in but also operate his company in a way that represents everything he believes in, as well. Jody is even taking his beliefs a step further, working with other small business owners and entrepreneurs to use their great people, products, and processes to achieve the same scale and success that he’s seen. 

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